1/ Our community has been fully supporting #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd & #BlackLivesMatter protests. HKers share their tactics against the tear gas, what to wear on protests and so much more. But when it comes to #StandwithHK the Americans do not act the same.
2/ Just because we seek help from Trump, they're against us and so. I'm not one of his supporters too, but that's the only choice we have right now. He is against #CCP, that is what we need to free Hong Kong, Tibet and Uyghurs.
3/ All of us have the same goal, that is against #PoliceBrutality. Journalists are getting pepper-sprayed, protestors lose an eye, kids are arrested, girls are raped then killed and protestors are 'disappeared' by the HK police by claiming that they committed suicide.
4/ I bet in America you won't have to worried about getting killed by authorities for speaking out. In Xinjiang, Uyghurs are tortured in concentration camps just because they're Muslims. You can check comics drawn by @swim_shu revealing the truth in Xinjiang concentration camps.
5/ You don't have to write a statement claiming you'll never commit suicide all over your social media. HKers do. They have to make sure their deaths will be justified just in case they're being murdered by #hkpoliceterrorist by attending protests or speaking out the truth.
6/ I know no one will notice this thread. But I still hope that communities supporting #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd & #BlackLivesMatter will not storm at the #StandwithHK community. #PoliceBrutality is torturing us too. We're just a bunch of people fighting for freedom.
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