#Thread: If you live in downtown Madison or other places with states of emergency, you should have a go bag in case fires or other unrest temporarily displace you for hours or even a full day or two. Your go bag should have:
-ID & copies (laminated if you can) of important documents (passport, social security, birth certificate, insurance)
-Extra house keys
-Medications you need plus extra OTC painkillers
-Phone cords (& battery/power bank if you have one)
-Non-perishable snacks
-Toy/book if you have kids
-Diapers, baby food/forumla & bottle if you have babies
-Tampon/pads if you menstruate
-List of important phone numbers (emergency contacts, doctor, etc) & addresses in case your phone is lost or damaged
-Extra face masks
Keep the bag near your main exit along with a good pair of shoes you can move in easily & wear for hours comfortably. Everyone in the household should know your safety meetup point within walking distance AND a secondary location in case the first is inaccessible.
If you have a car, consider putting more substantive supplies there like: Extra clothes, shoes, & blankets, more non-perishable food (that won’t be impacted by being in a hot car), flashlight, blanket, etc.
This might sound too doomsday for you, but the reality is we *are* in the midst of uprisings during a global pandemic & those of us in cities need to be prepared for moderate or severe disruptions in the next few weeks. This could include being evacuated from your home. Be ready.
Adding things I forgot as folks remind me:
-A toiletries bag
-Pet supplies if you have pets
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