Shots from the #GeorgeFloydProtests aftermath 1/
Spray paint on St. Matthews Church - they feed the homeless every Thursday. Some broken windows as well #GeorgeFloydProtests 2/
Busted pedestrian crossing at 16th and H #GeorgeFloydProtests
BB&T windows smashed in next to the Bombay Club #GeorgeFloydProtests 4/
Anther business destroyed in Farragut Park. Great job keeping the peace last night @MayorBowser 5/
Black Live Matter spray painted over the American Federation of Labor etc. the irony must be lost on the antifa who did this #GeorgeFloydProtests #failureinleadership @MayorBowser
Left over OC gas from last night. I hope every drop of it was used on those rioters last night. 7/ #GeorgeFloydProtests @MayorBowser
No caption necessary on this one 8/ #GeorgeFloydProtests @MayorBowser
The remains of a Molotov cocktail by 15th St and H. @MayorBowser @PoPville #GeorgeFloydMurder
I’ll end this thread with this. These are criminals. These protests have no support from me.
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