A thread: There’s an increasing trend of those who have built good careers off the back of Tesla & Elon now turning on him. The timing of this is illogical for a start. Tesla is vindicated, Musk just launched men into Space. The mission has never been so on point.
Hate to say it but I think a lot of this bitterness could be linked to how Elon embraced Third Row. Perhaps these influencers think they should have got the interview or the follow?
On that subject, Third Row didn’t just happen overnight. This was a team of people who had been posting great Tesla content and supporting Elon and Tesla for years. Third Row wasn’t the start of this, it is the pinnacle of that loyalty, friendship and hard work.
Third Row isn’t monetised (apart from a few buck on Patreon that barely covers production costs). They have no agenda, and individually they have proven their credentials over many years.
Sometimes these things are about luck, circumstances, timing, whatever, and maybe you guys could’ve got that interview in some parallel universe, but that’s life folks!
Biting the hand that feeds you over what may be pettiness or jealousy is not a smart move. Brush yourselves off and get back to what you do so well and leave the noise behind you.
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