@johncusack blames @realDonaldTrump for the actions of rabid, deranged leftists like...John Cusack.
"Is the dream accomplished? Is America great?"

Look at his followers' comments.

Since almost everyone there is white, that means it's white supremacists carrying out the violence.

That's their story.

Listen to that bizarre hooting as they run.
I've never actually heard that before.

Well, I HAVE heard it, but I can't say where.

I think most of you reading this will know what I'm talking about.

Leftism is in what engineers call a "failure cascade."
I read today the accusation that Trump was HAPPY that the media's predicted death toll from COVID-19 was so high.

See, now he can say that he prevented that death toll, and that will help him get reelected.

Try and follow the maelstrom of raving:
It's bad that is happy that 2.4 million people DIDN'T die, because Trump cares only about being reelected, and he was also happy that the press accused him of being worse than leftist Pol Pot.

What we have in people like John Cusack is a STARTING POSITION of deranged hate.
Since that position is based on his many personal issues not Trump, it's easy for the Cusacks of this country to interpret all facts so that they justify his hatred.
One of Cusack's followers said that Trump caused the highest unemployment rate in our history.

Think of how absolutely divorced from reality you have to be to believe that.

Cusack and his followers live in a fever dream with no end.
They've become the equivalent of Holocaust deniers, the people who claim that the piles of corpses are elaborate dummies that were somehow created using 1940s technology.

White supremacists are now losing 100 pounds and spending years in crypts so they look like Antifa.
They're buying skateboards and learning all that bop lingo.

And they're hooting when they run.

Somehow this cataclysm of insanity is going to win the 2020 election, even though the Democratic nominee is senile and incontinent.
As for Cusack's question, YES, America is great.

He's the proof.

His career shows that here, all dreams can come true.

The cops make 10 million arrests per year, and they kill about 500 people in the process.

YES, America is great.
Cusack doesn't actually care about George Floyd.

Neither do all these "white supremacists" doing all this damage.

But they picked the worst possible time to do it.

The country was already REALLY ANGRY at Democrats for the lockdowns and the refusal to pass relief bills.
And NOW the country is FURIOUS at Democrats for allowing leftists to destroy the livelihood of totally innocent people.

The final touch was Saint Obama telling us that we DESERVED having this hooting THIRD plague visited on us.
I would remind John Cusack of why the 2016 polls were so wrong:

1. People changed their minds at the last minute.

2. Trump supporters never participate in polls.

3. People who never voted before are not polled.
@parscale regularly put out stats from the rallies.

As much as 25 percent of the people at the rallies had never voted before, and up to 40 percent were Democrats.

Those two facts alone mean it's a done deal.
But when you add it the way the Democrats screwed the pooch in their responses to COVID-19 and the rioting, and the Democratic nominee is senile and incontinent...


About 58,000 people decided the 2016 election.

You think Trump can't get them again?
Twitter isn't the real world.

Twitter doesn't understand that Trump is working on reelection as hard as he's working on everything else.

In California's 25th District, the political novice Republican crushed his Clinton-machine opponent, despite ballot harvesting.
Leftists offer only venom.

Trump offers improvement. He'll have rebuilt most of the economy by November.

It's 2016 all over again, only now his opponents are hooting madmen and women.

It's a wonderful time to NOT be a leftist.

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