Some of my best friends are black. Some of the best products I’ve bought are from black owned businesses. Some of the best foods I’ve eaten has been cooked by black people. Some of the most naturally beautiful people worldwide are black people.
Some of the best art has been painted by black people. Some of the best music on my playlist has been produced by black people. Some of the best movies I’ve watched have been acted out by black people. Some of the most powerful books I’ve read are written by black people.
I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for the strong influence and investment black people have had and invested in my life. Our black community are deeply hurting, angry and rightly need their voices to be heard.
If ‘all lives matter’ then you’ll understand why the focus MUST be on ‘Black lives matter’. Justice has to be served, questions have to be answered, change has to happen. It’s not about us and them.
It is non-negotiable that we must get alongside, stand, support and promote our black community because if you stop and think ..
your life too has been strongly enriched by black people who make up a large proportion of the most intelligent, hard working, talented and creative people in history and our world today.
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