I’ll tell you why the police are being so violent at these protests. They have a deeply held belief that there is a war between cops and criminals, good guys and bad guys, and everyone who criticizes the police is Bad. They see you as the enemy.
They do NOT see you as people they are supposed to protect. They see you as bad criminals who should be in jail for the good of society, that you are going there anyway, and any way they put you in there is thus justified.
Their view of who constitutes society is very limited, of course, and it does not include you. Their egos are very fragile and so they are ANGRY that you don’t like them. 40% of cops commit domestic violence. They hurt people when they’re angry.
A lot of cops enjoy hurting people and see the ability to hurt people without consequence as one of the perks of the job. So you’re not imagining it that they look gleeful and excited to hurt you. They are.
Now a lot of cops don’t start out this way. Plenty of people are looking for a good job and grew up with the cultural message that cops help people. But over time they get more and more affected by the police culture bc it’s very insular and they’re always around it.
A few cops hold onto who they are and go against this culture. They report abuses of power to Internal Affairs, speak out against police brutality, and advocate for change. They are sidelined, prevented from any career advancement, and are driven out of the force.
This is why Black and female and LGBT cops can’t change the system. Look at what has happened to any of them who tried.
The social conservative Reagan / George Bush / Trump culture is the culture of the police. It is a culture that is racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic, and glorifies violence. They do not want to help you. They are not there to help you. Give up on that fantasy.
If you don’t believe me, get into any cop Facebook groups. They love Facebook. And they fucking hate you.
Black people know all this, they’ve lived with it their whole lives. It’s time for white people to let go of childish fairytales and see the truth.
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