🚨🚨🚨Anonymous is joining the fight for justice and what it means thread.

Also: Anonymous vs QAnon? and how does 4Chan play a role thread.

Abbreviation guide:
Anon = Anonymous
QAnon = QAnon

#Anonymous #ExpectUs
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Quick simplified Hx of Anonymous that is relevant to this thread:
- Anonymous is a decentralized international hacktivist group
-Initially started on 4Chan back in 2004- did raids & hacks e.g Church of Scientology, habbo hotel etc
-They generally seek to out corrupt entities.

I want to preface the next part by saying: I won't personally provide a blanket statement to say if i'm for/against anonymous. I implore you to look here for a timeline and decide for yourselves.


However since late 2000s-now they have supported causes like Occupy wall-street and Taiwan's dependence and hacked e.g:
- Hack Chinese govt websites in support of democracy
- Hack Westboro baptist church
- Hacked the KKK and Stormfront

V/ important point: I previously mentioned 4Chan. Although 4Chan was no angel back in the mid-2000s. it completely different to now. I'll explain why soon.

But it appears a few things happened over time:
1) The OG 4chan/Anon users got older & generally moved off the site. If they were 25 in 2005 -they'd be 40 now.
2) There was/appears to hav been infiltration/co-opting of 4Chan back in~2016 to now by alt-right/pro-Russia groups.

But have a look at what happened between 2015 - 2018 for racist/fascist words were used on 4Chan as time went on. Qanon appeared between this time.

Source: https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/the-measure-of-hate-on-4chan-627922/

Also a lot of the content on 4Chan originates as jokes/memes to troll people with non-sense conspiracy theories and it gains traction in the mainstream then you have some nutters believing it. e.g flat earth theory, 5G causes covid etc. 4Chan has always been good at this.

You may start hearing people argue: "ANONYMOUS STARTED ON 4Chan" -That is True it did but 4Chan appears to have changed over time rather than Anonymous. Anonymous' presence on 4Chan has appeared to decrease each year over the last 15 yrs. There is more SM then 15 years ago.

Anonymous generally has always appeared to represent a relatively consistent message to promote awareness and revolution against organisations it perceives as corrupt entities. It is however difficult to talk about a decentralized organisation in absolutes.

Anonymous does not like QAnon most likely because:
1) Qanon has attempted to co-opt the word Anonymous.
2) Anonymous (rightfully) thinks their conspiracy theories are dangerous --> they called out QAnon in 2018 during w/ #OpQAnon

See video below

From Anonymous' track record they have been very effective at some of their cyber-attacks/operations. They have always appeared to have a lot of talented people assisting their operations. But for now it's more of a watch this space to see how far they will/can take it.

UPDATE: Anonymous has thus far:
1. Taken down the #Minneapolis PD website.

2. Hacked #Chicago PD radios and played the song ‘Fuck the Police’.

3. Promise to expose #Ferguson PD.

4. Released #Trump #Epstein docs regarding their connection and crimes.

I will update this thread with other developments but A LOT is happening this morning at


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