“Like the tap root of the common dandelion, racism's roots extend deep below the surface of Canadian society. They extend far back into our history, where they are intertwined with a very pronounced ethnocentrism."
here is a short and telling article on the history of canadian racism. please enlighten yourself with it. https://www.crrf-fcrr.ca/images/stories/pdf/ePubFaShLegRac.pdf
“In 1918, the senate at Queen’s University voted to ban Black students from further admission to the Queen’s medical program. This anti-Black restriction remained practice at Queen’s until 1965 and stayed on the books as policy until 2018, although it was not enforced.” Disgusted
The late 19th century brought the labor movement to protect workers. “Black workers were systematically denied membership to these unions, and worker’s protection was reserved exclusively for Whites.”
Starlight Tours: https://www.aptnnews.ca/national-news/starlight-tours-happening-across-country-prof/please take a moment to watch this video, there is an anonymous victim who shares his experience. It is very telling of targeted racist behaviours among law enforcement.
There have been NO ARRESTS made for these officers targeting indigenous people and abandoning them so they would freeze to death. IT CONTINUES TO HAPPEN.
“victims should take thier stories to the law endorcement review agency, ... victims feel that that agency is just another arm of the police dept and thier complaints will go unheard.”
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