(1/5)Sacramento #GeorgeFloydprotest
We had to peacefully protest for 10 hours then shut down 5 intersections to talk to the lieutenant. we’re not here to riot we’re here for change so when you wonder why it’s turning to riots this is why. they hear but they don’t fucking care
(3/5) If you’re wearing that badge & you’re silent you’re just as bad as the cops murdering people #BlackLivesMatter
(4/5) NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE #StephonClark
(5/fuck it im dropping the whole video) #SacramentoProtest
(cont. 6)
people have been peacefully up in the city meetings for this since stephon clark and WHERE HAS THAT GOTTEN US? #NoJusticeNoPeaceProsecuteThePolice
They hear but they dont fucking care. How do you keep the peace when there never was any??? #BlackLivesMatter
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