I got so many videos of police assaulting peaceful citizens today. Nobody was combative. Nobody antagonized them. I saw them beat women, shoot people with rubber bullets, and I myself got fucking dEtAiNeD while walking away.

Fuck LAPD for life.

The police car that was on fire was in the middle of the street, parked there strategically so something could “happen” and they’d have a reason to push us out.

None of the cops saw who lit the fire, but they were literally standing right there.

It wasn’t us.
A black officer gave orders to three other officers to “grab her, the girl with the phone.”

That girl was my manager, who was leaving the area. No one else, just her.

When I asked why they were swarming her and told them she was with me & we were leaving, they took me, too.
I was on the frontlines. I was the one de-escalating the crowd so they would have no reason to get aggressive.

A cop thanked me because he witnessed how people, although refusing to leave, calmed down upon my request.

Out of everybody, WE did nothing.
Everything is on my IG story. I have videos on my phone & GoPro.

I watched a woman get hit in the chest with a baton by OFFICER CLARK because he got pissy that she was yelling.

One cop turned his body cam off and everyone around me got footage of that.

They are pigs.
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