It’s crazy how a lot of us grow up in the hood & see the cutthroat shit that be going down & have a no snitching rule which is fine but we don’t do each other real Justice. We follow the code of the jungle oppressed by the system turning on each other instead of the system.
We lost our way, we use to know the elements & knowing the elements we knew how to maneuver through the “seasons” but we caught up on small shit killing over Jordans, babies dying by strays little mans up in coffins!
We must fix the Body b4 we judge the next, I’m speakin the truth & u ca feel it in ya chest God knows best I let Love lead the way, skin don’t make you kin, ask Cain bout the play. Blood in the flesh but I live in the Spirit, coz a lot of blood shootin bt they aiming @ the mirror
Cancer to the liver, gotta get em out, replace em w/ some white blood cells that ca vouch, speak about the system, witness to the struggle, The Body made of Love, one accord w/ each other. #America the Great, chaos turn to order, everybody came here cos the promise land called em
No matter how you got here, your will & your endurance is all that matters! Your struggle is your testimony and your reward because if you endured through whatever you went through you have recieved Light from Nature which is your experiences and the wisdom you’ve accumulated.
I know I started rhyming but that how the spirit moves. Your crown/halo is the Light/Knowledge you recieved from your journey! Stop complaining all things are done in accordance with nature. There is no evil in this realm of thinking bc everything that happens to you is somethin
Done for your benefit. That’s my “mutualistic theory”. Learn from your journey, whatever trials this universe designed for you to go through go through them in Patience, understanding, and peace. If you don’t deserve the “bad” things you go through then Karma doesn’t exist.
Bt I hold Karma to be true, so if I suffer it is bc I not no one else, but I have done something, directly or indirectly to cause this. Everything is cause & effect.Ying/Yang- Gemini - dualistic. #Jah4President #Sirajwisdom #GeorgeFloyd only4afew. #Morocco
So it’s not misconstrued this thread is speaking about the body As a Whole not any particular individual Atom/Adam/man for we all have sinned.
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