Why is it so hard for some folks to a) accept systemic racism in the US has been around since it’s inception and b) we get tired of it every 50 years or so.

Each time it takes setting things on fire. Every. Single. Time.
Those who seek to oppress others only know the language of violence, because it is the way they interact with the world.
Our country was founded on certain truths, and when we have betrayed those truths we were also warned of the consequences.

That’s what we are watching unfold.
The police in certain parts of this country are out of control and they have born witness to bold acts of racism which have gone ignored for decades.

It’s simply not being ignored anymore.
The people out in the streets, destroying property and fighting with cops or not, are what makes our country so strong and so resilient.

Not because law and order always wins, but because it doesn’t.
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