Can we just leave these controversies aside and all in unity, among all social media Platforms, debate and promote the lost prestige of this place where we belong.
Kashmir apart from its beauty and a soulful place remained famous for its art. Be it the folk music, sufi music+
Paper mache, food, architecture, literature, culture and a blooming society
In every aspect of life kashmir had been and is a complete example of a blooming civilisation
Before getting into this confusion and conflict kashmir was famous for its honouring the art and production+
A major percentage of the younger generation, like me , do not know much about our lost heritage. The Artists, the musicians and the singers are slowly leaving their profession and trying to fit themselves in new business order.
While the struggle for the survival and protection of our political existence is vital the cultural existence also needs to be given importance so that our collective pride and identity is not lost.
There are many who work in this field of promoting and encouraging our +
Traditional art. The thing is their appreciation is completely missing on social media. We by enabling the ruining of our identity and tradition and not supporting are making people become more dependent on foreign aids and inturn making our native place less resistant.+
The point is instead of pulling each other down and giving way to unwanted cracks we must unite and stand for our identity ,our pride, in unison and promote, encourage, and own it. So that our lost art and culture sees a rebirth and we become more self reliant.+
No doubt this will promote a sense of nationalism among us.
This inturn will help us in our fight for our national and political existence.
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