“I can’t breathe”. (thread)

They can’t breathe.
They are fighting for their breath, for their words.

Not because of the crowds. Not because of the masks. Not because of the tear gas. Not because they are running from rubber bullets.
They can’t breathe because for their entire lives, their words, their actions, their freedoms have been suffocating under the knee of oppression.
They tried to tell you that this was happening, but their voices were suppressed. They tried to show you by kneeling, but you ridiculed them and said that they weren’t American.
They’ve endured violence.
They’ve endured imprisonment.
They’ve endured hatred.
They’ve endured inequality.
They’ve endured judgement.
They’ve endured poverty.
They’ve endured segregation.
They’ve endured enslavement.
They’ve endured profiling.
They’ve endured your white privilege.

They are not “thugs”.
They are human.
They are Americans.
Their lives matter.

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