MSNBC host is hit by rubber bullet at #GeorgeFloyd protest. Producer of CNN's @OmarJimenez was also struck by rubber bullet while they were live on air tonight. In both cases it obvious they were press
In addition, police in Minneapolis fired tear gas at a media pen, ignoring journalists' repeated clarifications that they were press. This from a local affiliate #GeorgeFloyd
Minneapolis police also arrested journalist Tom Aviles of CBS affiliate @WCCO. He clearly identified himself as press. He kept his camera running during the arrest #GeorgeFloydProtests
A flash bang was thrown at an MSNBC crew while they were live on air by Minneapolis police. The crew were not amongst protesters at the time. They also clearly identified as press #GeorgeFloydProtests
Rubber bullets were also fired at a CBS crew by Minneapolis Police. The crew confirmed they were in the media pit and not near any protesters. Their sound engineer was struck on the arm. Again, all caught on camera #GeorgeFloydProtests
Further footage from Tom Aviles of CBS affiliate @WCCO. He is hit by a rubber bullet then arrested by State Police in Minneapolis, all while identifying himself as press. He keeps his camera running throughout #GeorgeFloydProtests
As State Police move through neighbourhoods in Minneapolis, they fire pepper bullets at an onlooker watching the advance from her front porch. Pepper bullet was fired from the street. This was filmed by
@tkerssen. #GeorgeFloydProtests
Police in Minneapolis shot through the passenger side window of @RyanFaircloth's car. He's a journalist with the @StarTribune. The glass shattered injuring his face and arm #GeorgeFloydProtests
State Police in Minneapolis threw @MichaelAdams317 to the ground and pepper sprayed him as he was being held down. He's a journalist with @vicenews. He identified himself as press multiple times. His camera recorded the whole thing #GeorgeFloydProtests
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