A bit later in the day than I thought I'd start but I had some things to get done and a Zoom meeting with my parents. But now it's time! This is only my second time watching which seems weird as it's been such a big part of my life since then 🤣
Still not a fan of the NYE stuff and the terrible song (which I did not sing). But I know one of best is next!
So I was curious to see Ryan in this as first time around I didn't know he'd be the best...and now I know why. He doesn't get much to do in this one (besides some great songs) and has some *really* dumb moments.
Onward! Second film was the one I liked the last first time around...
And then What Time Is It starts and I should clarify it had the story I liked the least - there's some really good songs in this one!
Oh yeah, and Kelsey has a bit of a new style which I don't like as much as in the first film.
This never gets old.
This song is perfection - it's crazy, has brilliant reactions from Troy, and a super cute sulky Ryan at the end. Cracks me up every time!
And then I Don't Dance, possibly the best sequence of the entire trilogy. I'm enjoying the film a lot more this time around, definitely needs a higher rating than I gave it last year!
I've run out of time to fit in all the movies I'd planned. Thought about skipping HSM3 and watching tomorrow but I'm on a roll so shall keep going!
So overall I think HSM3 has the least interesting songs. A couple of good ones but compared to the other two, this one is lacking. So second viewing has been interesting - HSM2 completely changed my mind and I never thought I'd say this but maybe it's my favourite now?
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