Anti-black racism does not stop at the border.

I have heard from people who have said that we should not worry about what is happening in the US because that is not our problem.

As a Black man & a father of 3 young boys, I can tell you it is a lived reality for Black Canadians.
Racism and hatred have consequences.

We must continue to call out hate and injustice, and to look inward to see the impact of systemic discrimination and anti-black racism in our country.
I continue to ask all Canadians to step up. Raise your voices & ensure that real inclusion accompanies the diversity of our country.

Government alone can’t change the system but we will continue to work hard.
We also need Canadians to look around, speak up with their friends and families.

Check the unconscious bias around you and within you.
Only then can our children walk into a grocery store without being followed, can jog around the block without fear, can enjoy watching birds or going for a bike ride, can walk past people without them holding their purse closely as if it was going to be stolen.
We have to, and we must continue to have difficult conversations and speak up so that we don't lose another innocent Black life.
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