Having been around the protest bloc a few times I can tell you there are most definitely agents provocateurs in some of these protests precisely bc this is a legit uprising. This moment is gonna take holding critical thought and multiple truths. We gotta stay focused tho.
Any activist can tell you there are plenty of times when it seems like someone is legit an op, & they're really just a weirdo. And there are people you trust who will sell you out. Sometimes you never know for sure. You gotta keep ur head down and struggle w principle regardless
If we know who we are and what we are fighting for we cannot be derailed. Principle and community will get us through.
I was in 2 student groups that were infiltrated in college, one was SJP, the other was the Israel-Palestine dialogue group. In both cases we caught the people bc they were actively agitating against principles of justice we organized on. Only thing we could do was stick to them
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