In Minneapolis for @vicenews. Will update this thread as the night progresses.
The government alert of the citywide curfew has been issued here in Minneapolis. Traffic does seem to be thinning out on Lake. Some business owners are camped out in front of their stores to keep an eye on them through the night.
This Stop and Shop on Lake St. was looted two nights ago. One of the men who tried to defend it was beat by a group of people with golf clubs. Family and friends are now camping out 24hrs a day to protect what’s left.
As the 8pm curfew in #Minneapolis goes into effect, a procession of protestors and cars head west on Lake Street. Peaceful here.
Nearly full dark in Minneapolis. Things getting more active along Lake St. MPD speeding in both directions. Appears to be two contingents of protestors near the 5th, and bridge over Hiawatha.
Important journalist to follow who’s also on the ground in #Minneapolis
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