On the phone with my friend who just fled the once peaceful protest at 3rd and Fairfax.

She said she SAW a non-black person pull out a hammer and start attacking a police car.

The black people gathered yelled at her to stop.

The group with her set that police car on fire.
She said they are baiting us. She said she saw people yelling for people to run and there was no reason to run.

She said it looked like there were plants within the crowd. Just there to escalate. They came out of nowhere. She said these people want it all to look a certain way.
She said all the black people were looking at each other like, “See? It’s not US!”

She said this is NOT what they are making it out to be.

Someone had a sign that said #BlackLivesMatter on one side & #BlueLivesMatter on the other. She flipped the sign when my friend saw it.
This is a set-up, you guys. Something in the milk ain’t clean.

My friend wanted me to tell you all to be safe out there. Please.
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