really glad that black anti-racist authors are getting the recognition - and $$$$ - they deserve but i don't wanna see one publishing person patting themselves on the back for this.

maybe actually read and sit with the work that you're 'so proud' to be publishing and ACT on it.
it's not enough.

idc how many black authors you publish. until these authors can walk into your publishing houses, agencies, etc, and see people who look like them holding meaningful positions, making actual livable salaries, THRIVING.

you. are. not. doing. enough.
the number of times i've seen white publishing professionals acting so fucking smug & proud, parading their bipoc authors around, mostly figuratively but often literally, while actively putting billions of roadblocks & barriers in front of their bipoc colleagues, it's infuriating
i am always thrilled to see bipoc authors get publishing deals and succeed. that will always make me happy.

but you can't tell me it doesn't reek of exploitation when the people making those decisions on which bipoc authors they let in are overwhelmingly white.
and yes i know not all of them are like that but the number of times i've looked up an impressive bipoc author's editor or agent and found myself absolutely BAFFLED that it's a white person who i know is 'problematic' as hell (to say the least), often from first hand experience.
and no, i'm not blaming those authors for who they choose to work with, mostly bc the options are limited but ALSO: i've seen how differently people act in front of authors vs their colleagues and employees. it's like you're talking to two different people sometimes!
all this to say: the success of black & poc authors is NOT a reflection of an improving or better publishing industry. it's just not.

don't you dare take that away from those authors & make them feel like they owe you anything. THEY did that.

publishing was simply the vessel.
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