1) This is my #Qanon thread for May 30, 2020

Q posts can be found here:

My Theme: Stay Strong. Stay Together.
2) Our country was taken over by insurgents—people who hate our country and assumed control of it by infiltration and subversion.

When more subtle tactics of insurgency fail, violence is used

The current rioting in the U.S is a result of insurgents trying to regain control.
3) The extra "e" in warfare was not intentional.
4) The quote Q posted above was taken from the U.S. Counterinsurgency guide.

5) Q wrote:
Location(s) [cities] loss-of-control?
[D] controlled?
Define 'stand down' [safe haven] order.
6) Is it a coincidence that the cities where the rioting began and where it's most prevalent are controlled by Democrat Mayors?

Have police been given stand-down orders?
Would such orders provide a safe-haven for rioters?
7) Law Enforcement officials have reported that a majority of rioters are not local citizens but people from outside the region.

POTUS laid the blame for some of the rioting on organized groups like Antifa. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1266760009872007171
11) Although Antifa claims to be opposed to fascism, their tactics are identical to those used by Mussolini's blackshirts and Hitler's brownshirts.

There's even a resemblance in Antifa's logo.
12) H/T @afbranco
13) Corrupt people remain in power by dividing us into groups and then pitting us against each other. When we come together, we are able to overcome their control and live in freedom.
14) Stay Strong. Stay Together.
15) This is how we come together.

H/T @MattFinnFNC
16) https://twitter.com/MattFinnFNC/status/1266780532681199622
17) These people protected a policeman who was separated from his team.

The choice to be united or to remain divided is ours.
19) Above, Q wrote:
POTUS action coming.
Homeland Security _FBI_DOJ action coming.
Investigations may lead to [D][F] 'support' targets.

Will investigations show that domestic [D] & foreign [F] parties provided material and financial support for rioters?
20) Statement by AG Barr on protests and riots.

H/T @DailyCaller
23) Q responded.
24) Governors can call up the National Guard to help in times of crisis.
25) The insurrection act allows the President to use the military for law enforcement in certain situations.
26) "The President may also deploy troops as a police force during a natural disaster, epidemic, serious public health emergency, terrorist attack, or other condition, when the President determines that the authorities of the state are incapable of maintaining public order."
27) From Q.
30) @bvoice_p was Q'd for this video showing tonight's violence in Chicago.
32) Please keep our nation in prayer. 🙏🙏🙏
33) I added Dana Boente to the names Q provided of DOJ/FBI employees who have been removed.

Here's an updated list.
34) Previous list from February 2019.
35) Previous list from October 2018
36) Yesterday, Q said Presidential action was coming regarding Antifa.
37) Promises made. Promises kept. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1267129644228247552
38) From the board.
39) Q responded with a link to a tweet by Laura Ingraham.

40) For years, those who hate this country have been trying to take control of it through an insurgency.
41) Linked tweet from @dbongino
43) Q defines insurgency and counterinsurgency.

44) Attorney General Barr's statement on Antifa's violence and the DOJ's response.
45) An anon quoted the last sentence from the definition of counterinsurgency.

"Counterinsurgency may be defined as ‘comprehensive civilian and military efforts taken to simultaneously defeat and contain insurgency and address its root causes'."
46) Q posted a link to a statement by AG Barr on rioting.
49) On October 31, 2017, Q hinted that there was a reason Antifa was allowed to continue operating.
50) In response, an anon quoted an article from Digital Commons and concluded that POTUS had military intelligence infiltrate Antifa.

51) Q replied.
52) @SeanCordicon was retweeted by POTUS.
53) Q replied.
54) Immediately after he was retweeted by POTUS, Twitter suspended @SeanCordicon's account.
55) MSDNC couldn't resist trying to connect #Qanon to the current rioting.

H/T @drewp1973
56) Q responded.

57) This is the video posted by @Seancordicon that POTUS retweeted.
58) @GarnaMejiaKSL was Q'd for this video showing the clean up after last night's riots in Salt Lake City, Utah.
59) https://twitter.com/GarnaMejiaKSL/status/1267144803394809857
60) @TrumpStudents posted the video from @seancordicon that Twitter removed. (See tweet #57 🔼 )
61) https://twitter.com/TrumpStudents/status/1267202212192796673
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