Thread of siddy boy in love with with her dear friend ♥️
PS : not in words it's an action ♥️
One qasam and he will do anything shes saying
The love and attraction in his eyes towards her
The BB winner who win and after 2 days he just come on that show to support her and seeing all boys background ♥️
Uski har baat manna uspr aage sai kuch na khna
He didn't love to work
But for her he's starting working
He didn't like that her girl is washing all dishes
In NTV when he know everyone I watching him and being camera concious but he accept the thing he liked all the vms in which he kissing ♥️
When they both proud
Pic 1 : when veham song played he praised her
Pic 2 : BB winner
Soul couple for a reason ♥️
Sid ka Sana ko khone sai darna ♥️
♥️in last want to say siddy boy side is always remain is action speaker becuz he's not so much expressive but his action is more romantic than his words ♥️
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