This is a bigger deal that you know. We are now in a very dangerous place. He should refuse and force them to go through the procedures. Everyone get ready. @NSAGov @CIA
The warrants are an excuse amplified by GRU directed Fox News disinformation. They are trying to remove him because of the ongoing counterintelligence investigation. They may be trying to get Wray to resign in protest. It's the #GRU in the @TheJusticeDept. Barr is a traitor.
These are very risky acts by Trump and Barr. I fall back to my belief Russia has told Trump that Trump is going to lose in #SCOTUS and Trump and Barr are going to burn it all down between now and the time the opinion is released. I thought by end of June.
But I'll be watching for the case every Monday starting the day after tomorrow. @FBIWFO @NSAGov
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