Some folks asking me how I ended up in Scotland?

I came to Scotland after Andy Halliday's poor performance in Azerbaijan to show him how to play football.
I spoke briefly to Neil Lennon and he said:

"Fuad, you'll do well like other immigrant kids - Zidane, Ibrahimovic, Mesut Özil and others.

As for Andy Halliday, he can get in to the feckin sea."
I also spoke to Scottish FA, and said to them to put my name forward as next Scotland manager.

In my last 2 seasons as Celtic manager on FIFA, I've won every trophy possible.
I know, some of my Scottish friends is going to say: "Fuad, you are not that experienced".

Come on, my worst day still better than Walter Rojas' performances for Dundee or Mirsad Bešlija for Hearts.
I also got more fans on Twitter than Airdrieonians F.C.
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