We were out there in central Phoenix last night with hundreds of people demanding and end to police violence against our Black sisters and brothers. I was also very conscious of my own vulnerabilities. Kept in mind that any arrest can get me deported. I say this just to remind...
... all my undocumented community to be safe as you join this national cry for justice. DACA folks, you don't have "papers" to completely protect you. A felony will most likely get you deported. We all make decisions to protest how we want, but always know the consequences.
... I've gotten arrested as a DACA recipient three times doing civil disobedience, but I had a team behind me and a plan to get me out of jail safely. I also knew the consequences of the type of action I was taking. Was it going to be a misdemeanor or a ticket. Just be mindful 🙏🏾
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