There is a science fiction book by Doris Lessing in which among some people the main method of educating their children is to play the 'game' "What did you see?" with them.
Asking them for something that they noticed that day, then asking questions about it, how it comes about, what it means etc. Not usually giving them ready made answers, but thinking along with them.

I want to play that game a lot, with lots of different people.
Source: Doris Lessing, 'Mara and Dann'

(incidentally it is also a book about climate refugees in a very far away future as another ice age is ending in which white people are an obscure and largely irrelevant minority)
(memory brought forth by this thread on the permaculture principle of
#Observation "Use protracted and thoughtful observation of natural systems rather then protracted and thoughtless labor")
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