Thunderstorms this week caused minor damage to the Taj Mahal - a portion of the marble railing on the raised platform fell on to the sandstone floor below it. Sad, sad news - hope it gets restored soon :(
Talking about the damage to the Taj Mahal, here's a photo of American soldiers from the 1940s inscribing their name on the finial of the Taj Mahal
If you take a closer look at the domes of the Taj Mahal, you might notice there are many hooks on them. These hooks were put on the Taj to put a green canopy over it so that during air raids, bombers won't notice the Taj Mahal's shining domes and won't bomb them. #WWII #TajMahal
Here's something I learnt from a professor of mine: There was a full moon during the 1965 war and the fear was that the #TajMahal's glow during the full moon could be used by enemy aircrafts as coordinates for the Agra airbase. Hence a slightly thicker netting was used.
wow this blew up. While we're still lat it, the belief that Shah Jahan cut off the hands or thumbs of his architects and builders is a lie. The Red Fort was also planned by the same architect, Ustad Ahmed Lahori.

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Interestingly, there are three buildings in Agra which people call #TajMahal

- The original Taj Mahal
- The Tomb of I'timad-ud-Daulah (Chhota Taj or Baby Taj)- this one makes me cringe tbh
- Hessing's Tomb (Lal Taj or Red Taj Mahal)
The very name #TajMahal is what the British gave it. If you look at the Mughal records, you'd find the building mostly being referred to as the Rauza or the Makbara of Mumtaz Mahal. However, the name 'Taj Mahal' itself is a corruption of the name Mumtaz Mahal.
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