T-4 for history in science. Godspeed. https://twitter.com/nasa/status/1266807391305314305
And let's light a candle. And lift off #SpaceX #CrewDragon
First stage separated. #SpaceX #Falcon9
Man @elonmusk is the only guy who can land a space shuttle back on a drone ship called Of Course I Still Love You.
Falcon 9 has landed. Damn this is goosebumps.
Damn. Dragon Separated. #SpaceX #Falcon9
Now we wait for 19 hours to dock into the International Space Station.
Congratulations @elonmusk @SpaceX @NASA @AstroBehnken @Astro_Doug and the whole team who've worked on this. Godspeed.
19 hours a little early :)

Watch @Astro_Doug and @AstroBehnken dock in at the @Space_Station @SpaceX @NASA
60 meters to go for @Space_Station and 5 odd mins to go for history to be created! #CrewDragon
Less than 30 meters to go. This is history in the making!
20 meters and the last hold at Waypoint 2 for #CrewDragon
GO FOR DOCKING! @Astro_Doug @AstroBehnken
GO FOR DOCKING from Houston Control. This is it! Visors down #CrewDragon
The last 10 meters for docking. Brilliant visuals from @Space_Station #CrewDragon
Soft Capture CONFIRMED. This is absolutely crazy!
DOCKING COMPLETE! This is history! What a brilliant achievement in science this is! Thank you @elonmusk and everyone at @SpaceX and @NASA in 2020!
Annnnd the only glitch with the hardline communications establishment with the #CrewDragon and @Space_Station has been sorted! Fingers crossed for a clear on the hatch opening soon!
What an epic image aboard the @Space_Station! Hey look, there is a DSLR aboard in Space! @Astro_Doug @AstroBehnken have opened the hatch and are transitioning to the ISS from the Crew Dragon. #HISTORY #CrewDragon2
Annnnd its done. Thank you to everyone involved. #SpaceX #NASA #CrewDragon2
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