Reminder, you're watching the first rocket with humans on it leave the US in nearly a decade.

Perhaps more importantly, this is the first private spacecraft to carry humans to orbit - EVER.

T-5 minutes

Watch live - RIGHT NOW
This capsule. This capsule is so important.

T- 2 minutes




Everything good so far!

Wow, there are humans on top of that rocket!

Stage separation confirmed!
That first stage is heading back to Earth and the second stage is bringing Bob and Doug the rest of the way to orbit.
Everything nominal (normal - looking good) so far.

5 minutes into the flight. already 200+ miles away from launch site.

Also - can we appreciate how great these videos are???
The video on the right is the camera on the first stage.

This is heading back to Earth to LAND ITSELF on the drone ship "Of Course I Still Love You"
Also...pretty interesting to note that we've never cared about the Stage 1 booster landing less.... I mean, yes it's amazing. But just like... not as exciting as what's going to orbit :)
Live video of the drone ship "Of Course I Still Love You" - IT SUCCESSFULLY LANDED!
Dragon separation confirmed - Crew Dragon is ON ITS WAY to the International Space Station!!!
"We hope you enjoyed the ride" - SpaceX

"Thanks for the great ride to space" - Bob/Doug

Feeling the emotions that this team is expressing right now. ♥️
You know who is the last person's opinion I want to hear about right now? the President's.
Reminder, the mission is not over. We can celebrate when Bob and Doug are back home in few months (anywhere from 1-4 months).

But this is such a beautiful start.
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