The mainstream media was portraying old people in walkers wearing American flags on their hats as dangerous, racist terrorists bent on burning down “Obama’s America”, while touting OWS as a glorious, peaceful example of courageous young Americans marching for equality.
It was anything but. However, these were socialists & they were seen as the antithesis of the free market Tea Party protesters. President Obama picked his side (OWS) & Democrat politicians across the country followed suit.
While they sent out riot squads to monitor the ridiculously tame Tea Party events, they changed city ordinances on vagrancy to allow OWS protesters to set up camp on city properties. In fact, to this day Los Angeles City Hall has a raging homeless problem on their grounds
(that resulted in a rat infestation and several City Hall employees testing positive for typhus) because they lifted the ban on camping on city property in order to accommodate the OWS protesters. The homeless came with them. They never left.
The “battle lines” were drawn and the narrative was set. Occupy Wall Street – good and heroic. Tea Party – racist and violent.
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