I got into space exporation because of the hope that looking back at our own world and our context would help us realize how precious life is.
Space still feels like a reminder to me of what is possible when we put our collective resources together, tackling incredible challenges and managing complex systems. I hope to watch today's launch through that lens.
It is bittersweet though, as @astronaia says so well here: https://twitter.com/astronaia/status/1266762553956409349?s=21 https://twitter.com/astronaia/status/1266762553956409349
If you're so inclined, join us for this occasion. Gather your hope. Fill your soul with optimism. Witness what humanity is capable of. Then after let's turn our collective abilities to addressing the systemic problems facing our nation and the world.
There are many ways to watch. Whatever you choose, I love you all, fellow residents of spaceship Earth. https://twitter.com/nasa/status/1266807391305314305?s=21 https://twitter.com/nasa/status/1266807391305314305
I cannot believe this is happening! GO @NASA GO @SpaceX!
I’m crying. I think I am more nervous for this launch than I was for @MarsCuriosity’s
Also beautiful to see my dear friends @Astro_Flow & @Laur_Ly sharing their expertise and experience with space exploration
And now a series of texts from our partners at @isro sharing their excitement. There is something beautiful in how space crosses borders.
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