Captain Picard has to be the worst captain in Federation history.
He is constantly sending his most important crew members into dangerous situations. Stopping sending No. 2 and No 3 to the planet -- send No. 198 and No 236!
Data is a one-of-a-kind all-knowing super computer. LOCK HIM IN A ROOM. Don't send down to challenge the blob monster.
Sending no1 to the orgy planet was fine. I still stand by my argument that they should have called the show,
"The Erotic Adventures of Number One"
Once Picard saw someone in this outfit he should have disregarded The Prime Directive and blown up the planet.
Why is Stardate so complicated? Why can't it be April 6, 3103 or whatever?
Why doesn't Picard go warp 9 everywhere, and just get there faster? Why warp 4.5?
Klingon softporn!
No 1 should be captain -- Picard is f'ing useless!
Also, they're supposed to be in a post-scarcity society where money is meaningless, but yet they're constantly betting and playing cards.
Deanna is like a young space Marianne Williamson.
The Prime Directive is more of a suggestion than a rule.
Crew members keep falling in love with holodeck characters. This seems unhealthy.
Picard just walked in on Geordi, who was flirting with Holodeck "Dr. Leah Brahms" instead of figuring out how to save the ship. Awkward!
Every planet has the perfect gravity and oxygen levels -- and 80s fashion sense. Star Trek people never has to put on a space suit. Only a Benetton sweater from time to time.
How has the Federation not stolen/invented Romulan cloaking technology? It's been hundreds of years.
Transporter rooms are superfluous. They can transport people straight to the bridge -- and yet Picard is always sending Worf to escort people all the way back.
Also, there's only one elevator on the bridge.
The Klingons are barbarians. Why would Worf have to stand trial for his father's alleged sins?
Picard doppelganger hitting on Dr Crusher -- it's all about the attitude and the outfit.
Season three is fantastic.
There is more sexual tension on Star Trek: The Next Generation than there was on Dynasty.
The models and aliens won't leave a speedo-clad Picard alone on the hedonistic planet of Risa.
"Brody's got friends in every town and village from here to the Sudan."
Question for the geeks: Do the stardates make any sense?
The Federation is corrupt. Every episode they show up there is an abuse of power or some horrible injustice.
'What finger am I thinking of now, Betazoid!?' (those guys are the worst)
The most implausible thing about TNG is not the magical food-making machine, but that Riker has somehow survived as a high-ranking officer in a post-MeToo world.
We make Riker jokes, but he's a badass. Recall: when interning on the Klingon ship, he beat down their No 1, earning everyone's respect. Klingons learned a lot about humans that day -- and maybe a little something about themselves, as well.
No one has ever utilized the Holodeck as well as Reg Barclay.
They should put locks on those doors, though.
Stardate 4365346542.2; Captain's addendum: The episode where Q loses all his powers and becomes a human was one of funniest so far. They really missed an opportunity by not keeping him mortal for the rest of the show.
Also want to circle back to the post-scarcity no-money society thing: who is signing up to clean The Enterprise toilets or clean the glasses at Ten-Forward in this arrangement, and why? And what is the Federation using to trade with all these planets? Are they bartering?
Holy crap. Spock's dad -- and he's out of control.
Imo, Riker proves in the double episode against The Borg that he's a better captain than Picard.
Picard and his brother have a very complex relationship.
They've invented food replicators in the post-scarcity 24th century, but still no cure for baldness.
Tasha's 'sister' was fantastic in The Legend of Billie Jean.
Data is more human than humans.
Riker wakes up 16 years in the future with a kid! I sense Romulan treachery.
Why is all of the Enterprise artwork images of space? Why not pictures of Earth or people? It's not like we put artwork of what's right outside up on our walls?
Sure, Ardra turned out to be an imposter, but what is Picard doing risking his life & planet on arbitration? 1) it's a clear violation of Prime Directive. 2) it's insanely reckless. If an entire planet is dumb enough to fall for that con they don't deserve to rule.
Warp 9 it out of there.
Just embarrassing.
Wow. Riker slept with Bebe Neuwirth to help him escape Malcor III. How does that comport with the Prime Directive?
The real Dr. Leah Brahms is a lot less friendly than Holodeck "Dr. Leah Brahms."
Whenever Wesley Crusher is on the bridge he never shuts up, but replacements in the same seat never say a word.
There should be a strict Holodeck regulation that no one may create holograms of real people. This Dr. Leah Brahms/La Forge is awkward.
Reg Barclay has transformed into the smartest person in the galaxy -- and he's got the attitude to match.
The Enterprise's computer is super easy to hijack.This time it's the Cytherians. This is at least the third time it's been taken over -- including a brainwashed Data, who told it not to listen to Picard. The computer is just like, 'um, OK.'
You can tell some weeks the writers had absolutely nothing: "Hey, let's bring in Q and have him transport the entire crew to Nottingham forest!" (Also, every Holodeck episode.)
The episode where Dr Crusher sleeps with space Barry Gibb -- who turns out to be a dual symbiotic being and takes over Riker's body -- is seriously problematic.
Lieutenant Jenna has fallen in love with Data. This is incredibly awkward. There is nothing for her there.
Riker tells him to go for it!
Klingonian politics is quite patriarchal and cutthroat.
I don't know if the Romulan Tasha is going to turn out to be Human Tasha's real daughter, but the actress who plays Tasha is terrible and bringing her back was a mistake.
Why is Federation allied with the authoritarian Klingons and not the far more civilized Romulans, who not only have a more advanced society but seem to have some form of representative governance?
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