There are several scripts circulating the internet to wane down U.S. public anger and cut support for those in the streets.

1. Claim external forces are responsible.
2. Racial division "I saw white people start it".
3. Pushing the "vote for x instead" campaign.
The first point "external forces are responsible" is designed to create a feeling of community exceptionalism by building an endogroup where the narrative is "we are better than this - OUR group wouldn't act like this"; this is to delegitimize the rebellion against the State.
The second point "I saw white people start it" is designed to build a hard racial endogroup; its purpose is to build distrust amongst protestors and coerce black protestors to police property destruction and transfer all guilt to their white counterparts, to destroy solidarity.
The third point "vote for x" is designed to hijack public discontent and turn it into a passive and obedient mass, where protestors are encouraged to stop exerting pressure against the state and instead wait for a magical white man to come to fix all their problems.
There are many accounts out there, some protest organizers, some twitter micro-celebrities, and others just made recently pushing at least one variation of the above narratives. This is designed to coerce the U.S. public back into obedient reflectors and submission. Shut It Down.
There are 2 types of coercion you should be aware of:

-seductive coercion.
-hard coercion.

Both are being used to dissuade the population from continuing to protest, riot, or revolt. We've fought multiple States and regimes for the last decade so we know how to ID it.
Hard coercion is when the State (or other) openly installs curfews, threats, and/or forces to intimidate the population to obey an order or modify their behaviour to a state approved passive or obedient one. i.e. when security forces tear gas crowds in order to disperse them.
Seductive coercion is much more difficult to recognize and it is the most prevalent; It persuades rather than forces but can be much more powerful than force. It employs manipulation and control of information and authoritative endoreality based on shunning and inclusion.
For example:

1. Building authoritative endoreality by telling comrades that they should "take a seat" based on the color of their skin or gender despite being at the same barricade fighting the same State, System, and breathing in the same tear gas.
For example:

2. Establishing that "peaceful protest" overrides all other expressions of anger and resistance that may endanger or discomfort the State or its laws. This leads to State propaganda that encourages people to do "mass sit-ins" and facilitate their own arrest. (1/2)
For example:

2. (continued) Peaceful protest is a reflection of State authority. The State is very invested in establishing the idea that you can passively resist it and that obedience is resistance. (2/2)
For example:

3. Having endo-ideals (i.e. community leaders and celebrities) put out calls for peace, calm, restraint, or condemn the actions of the rebellion and the people risking their lives at the barricades. This returns legitimacy back to the State.
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