Here is the letter I just sent to Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, my elected MPs and MPPs, opposing party leaders as well as my City and Regional representatives regarding ways we can improve upon the lives of Black people in Canada. #Regis #GeorgeFloyd #cdnpoli
I also forwarded them this information showing how racial and economic inequity has placed historically disadvantaged people, including Black populations, in high polluting areas of Toronto and it shows how the majority of Covid 19 cases are located in these same locations.
I told the Prime Minister: One way forward to move beyond this it secure free transit on Go and TTC to reduce emissions and offset 401 traffic. It would improve the economics for the marginalized poor while offsetting the emissions making them sick.
Social justice is climate justice. Stand united, remain peaceful, write to your elected officials and we will all get through this. We always have. Have faith people.
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