in case some of u are wondering why darryl yap's sakristan isn't really helping the lgbtqiap+ community in the philippines, here's why:

he was never an advocate for lgbtiap+ rights and is only using our community NOW bc of the recent popularity of bl here.
sakristan is controversial in its themes, combining gay characters with an institution that has long been condemning the lgbtqiap+ community: the church.
why release a series that will inevitably spark outrage from a group of people that do not show support for the community ur trying to give representation? it doesn't make sense. what's your end goal by making this?
and the fact that yap compared sakristan to 2gether, saying it's more daring, says a lot about his intentions. he's not doing this for the lgbtqiap+ community. he's doing this for HIMSELF.
ill end this thread by saying that the lgbtqiap+ community are not objects for someone's self-indulgence. we are much more than that. our ancestors didn't fight for our rights just to be bastardised. remember that.
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