Do you know as a man,
You can have pregnancy symptoms when your wife/babe gets pregnant.

Nausea. Bloating. Tummy pains. Backache. Tiredness.

Some men will even start craving firewood jollofrice at 3am.

It is not your village people.
It is a medical condition.
Couvade Syndrome.
Couvade Syndrome is also called sympathetic pregnancy.

It is when a man with a pregnant wife starts to have pregnancy symptoms.

Crazy right? Wrong.
It is not officially a psychological illness or mental disorder.

But it has been observed in many men.
It’s hard to know why.
When the lady even falls into labour,
Some of those men will have labour pain too. And I’m NOT kidding.

It’s called “sympathy pain”.
It’s real. And it happens.

Anyway there are psychological and hormone theories as to why men have Couvade Syndrome but research on it is ongoing.
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