THREAD: Sharing this beautiful Alternatives to Police poster series by Luna Syenite. We can visualize the world we want - its values, what it won’t look like, how we’re already keeping each other safe out of necessity.


Alt text + image descriptions below.

Police abolition is a collective vision. It’s all of these things and more that we can’t fully sketch out yet. The police state wasn’t built or imagined in a day so dismantling it is a process as well. But a necessary one we can and must work toward to keep ALL of us safe.

If you’re interested in a world without police, google just that and take it one reading at a time — and read one a week if you can. The millions of people who know a just + safe society can’t have police aren’t idealistic or ungrounded. Follow the readings + ask questions!

[image description of Alternatives to Police Poster Series:

[A series of posters in bold, bright colors with black text overlaid.

The first is orange and reads, “Some folks are sleeping on benches in the park. Imagine...A city employee comes by and checks in to see if...

... they need a place to sleep, food, water, or health care. An hour later, those who want a different place to sleep have one. Isn’t that public safety?”

The second is purple and reads, “Someone is talking to themselves on the bus. Imagine… …They ride the bus without being bothered. An hour later they are at their destination and going on with their day. Isn’t that public safety?”

The third is yellow and reads...

... “Someone is behaving erratically & in harm’s way. Imagine… …Texting a number & an unarmed urgent responder trained in behavioral and mental health comes within 5 minutes. An hour later that person is safe & getting the support they need. Isn’t that public safety?”

The fourth is green and reads, “You don’t realize but your brake lights aren’t working. Imagine… …A city employee signals for you to pull over & says ‘Hey, how about I replace those lights for you right here so no one gets hurt?’...

... An hour later, both lights work & you’re at home. Isn’t that public safety?

The fifth is pink and reads...

... “You are experiencing intimate partner violence. Imagine…Texting a number & a trauma informed crisis intervention specialist meets you in a safe place. An hour later you are working together to make a plan that will keep you safe long term. Isn’t that public safety?”

The sixth is green and reads, “Someone is selling drugs to youth who are overdosing. Imagine… …Being connected to a substance use service that intervenes in harmful drug transactions.

Youth are supported in healthy outcomes & the seller takes accountability for harm. Isn’t that public safety?”

The seventh is orange and reads, “Your friends are intoxicated & fighting but you don’t want them to get in trouble. Imagine… You call +311 and a crisis intervention team comes to your door. 1 hour later, your friends are sleeping it off at home. Isn’t that public safety?”

The eighth is teal and reads, “Incidents of gun violence are rising in the neighborhood. Imagine…A trauma informed crisis intervention team works with community activists to disarm and deescalate conflicts...

...People doing harm are connected to services that address the underlying problem. Isn’t that public safety?”

The ninth is violet and reads, “You are experiencing a mental health crisis & afraid. Imagine… …You call +311 & a first responder trained in mental health comes to your door...

... 1 hour later, you are in a safe place with your consent, with plans for follow up care. Isn’t that public safety?”

The tenth is red and reads, “Someone seems to be snooping in car windows on your block. Imagine… …Calling your neighbors who are trained in self-defense & deescalation & approaching the person.

An hour later the conflict is resolved & the person responsible is getting the support they need. Isn’t that public safety?”

End image description]


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