1. I have been expecting @POTUS @RealDonaldTrump and his KKK supporters to bring violence to DC to use as an excuse to move to a fascist dictatorship. I think @parscale and #GRU had done the ground work. The #gerogefloyd murder combined with Trump's knowledge
2. that he is going to lose this month in #SCOTUS caused them to advance their timeline and begin Trump's realization of Charles Manson's hallucination of #HelterSkelter now. If we are smart we can turn this on the white supremacists and help defeat Trump.
3. Now is the time for Black leaders to stop encouraging conduct that will ultimately harm their communities. Trump has taken over the demonstrations. That means advancing demonstrations works to help Trump. Go home. Be united in the goal to defeat Trump and fix the problems
4. the peaceful demonstrations sought to fix. But a police riot will never bring change. It only sews division and brings more misery. Find out where the inciters are and report them to the @FBI. They are not on your side. They want to destroy you and your communities.
5. Let's be smart about dealing with the creep that the Kremlin put in the @Whitehouse. Defeating Trump has to be the goal. Keep your eyes on the prize. 😎
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