Astronauts are suiting up! Again!
Bridenstine is back to give a briefing to the crew, but no Elon this time
Oh no my heart!!! Again!!!
Saying goodbye at the window
Taking the 9-mile route to the pad
These drone shots providing some truly epic views of the launchpad
The astronauts taking it all in
Out of the elevator, gotta make those phone calls before flight
Already in the white room, about to board the capsule
Bob and Doug are now inside the capsule and getting buckled up
These numbered outfits are my favorite part of getting ready I think. Makes me think of Thing 1 and Thing 2
Don't forget to pound it
Comms checks complete
Seats rotated for launch position
Looks like we're in for another nail biter today. Bridenstine says thunderstorms are expected at 3PM but also as late as 3:30PM. Launch is right in between at 3:22PM ET. EEP
Perhaps a caveat to my last tweet
The hatch is closed, and they'll be checking for leaks
NASA and SpaceX pressing forward for now, going to do another check before propellant load.
We're just under two hours away now
What an image
Here we go again
"Take the puppers to space." -- @Astro_Flow. We must stan.
Another update on weather: The area is currently red for the electric field mill rule, cumulus clouds that could trigger lightning. There will be another weather brief at T-minus hour.
T-minus one hour. Weather update imminent.
And SpaceX says there are no constraints to proceed!
Still looking at the weather though. Remember we got to less than 17 minutes to launch on Wednesday.
Weather update: Currently the ascent track looks good. We are monitoring to make sure we don't get any more lightning. Currently only tracking a cumulus cloud rule violation. Expected to clear.
"Weather is go at this time" !!!!
The go/no go poll is coming up soon.
I actually wasn't feeling nervous, and then all of sudden someone turned up the dial to 11.
And we're go for propellant load!
The crew is arming the launch escape system, we're really close!
The crew access arm retracting earlier
Propellant load has begun!
And we're 30 minutes out.
We're 15 minutes from liftoff, and my anxiety can't take it.
10 minutes
Engine chill has started.
Five minutes
Less than 3 minutes
Vehicle on internal power
Go for launch. "Let's light this candle."
So far, so nominal
Meanwhile Falcon 9 is coming home
Our story
The crew is going to stay in their suits until after the first phase burn, which is coming up shortly
The burn is in progress, lasting several minutes
It is so surreal to hear Bob and Doug talking back to the comms team. I'm so used to just turning off the livestream for SpaceX launches after deployment, but we've got people up there now!
Nominal burn!
Bob and Doug are now taking their suits off — doffing, if you will. They'll put the suits back on when they get closer to the station. The cameras are off for this event, folks.
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