As a point for universities - the fact that not only do we have multiple student led groups but also a national network should show that there is system failures across the entire sector. 1/6
Organisations like ours should not have been necessary yet we are one of a growing many connecting students who you continue to fail, ignore, silence or rebuff. No world class education should ever be at the cost of protecting student and staff safety and accessibility. 2/6
It’s vital no student feels powerless, isolated or alone & to try to work constructively where possible with our institutions to create postive change. We are not simply here just to say how bad our institutions are - despite being perceived that way. 3/6
For institutions which hope groups on their campus and organisations like ours will simply fold and disappear fail to realise m that if they continue to make the same mistakes - these groups will continue year after year from students feeling let down by their institution. 4/6
To universities please work with your students and especially with the SU and student groups on your campus.
If you are student getting push back or feel frustrated or disillusioned with what is going on your campus please let us know. We can also direct you to relevant groups on your campus and or provide support if you’re interested in setting up your own! 6/6
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