All i can say is this isn't good. They just achieved super stardom from bb but thts already decreasing because people have begun to move on since they aren't giving content anyway. Lockdown is a time when u can talk to your fans and hear their thoughts. If not now then when?
People don't wanna stay here anymore since they get so much crap here and there is no content too. Their insta followers are decreasing because the feed is boring. If i was a neutral viewer i would be over this season and them by now. I wouldn't even follow maybe.
I am probably being harsh but its just that i want good for them. It will be a while before shooting resumes in Bombay. Lockdown ke khatam hone tak stardom bhi khatam na ho jaaye. Pics and ads are srsly all we get. I am just pissed😤😤😤
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