I've been torn on whether to post about George Floyd's killing and the response. Saying nothing risks suggesting I'm OK with it or don't think it's important. Commenting risks virtue signaling. But, I'm not OK with it, and since COVID limits my options to protest, here's why: 1/9
I have never been so frustrated, angry, and heartsick for my country. The killing of yet another unarmed black man by police, media arrested and assaulted by police for reporting, and POTUS calling for violence against protesters and restrictions on social media. 2/9
Police response in Minneapolis and Louisville has been harsh and violent. Rather than showing understanding or empathy, Trump calls the protesters "thugs" and suggests they should be shot. You don't have to condone violence to understand the source and scope of their anger. 3/9
When heavily armed white men protested COVID public health restrictions, they drew a muted, almost indulgent police response; Trump lauded them, and called for them to "liberate" their states. The difference in his behavior and response to the two types of protest is obscene. 4/9
Trump (and a vocal, dangerous group of his supporters) increasingly legitimate threats and political violence when used by whites, and demonize even peaceful protest or dissent by blacks (e.g. Colin Kaepernick). 5/9
I am disgusted by POTUS' response, but the problem isn't just him. His incitement makes things worse by encouraging and enabling those who share his views, but one man alone can't cause this. He has found a receptive audience, including among too many who have power. 6/9
Rather than seeking to heal or constructively address issues of race and injustice that have always been part of our country, the President seems to be trying to deepen the divides for his own political gain. 7/9
I am heartsick because the damage that is being done (and that will be done before the end of his term) will take a generation to heal. How do you restore trust? How do you have an honest national conversation about these things, especially during a pandemic and recession? 8/9
I love my country deeply, but I'm not proud of who we are right now. I know that a social media post won't solve things, but these issues will drive my votes in November. I'm also looking for other ways to be involved in fighting racial injustice and political violence. 9/9
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