Where is #medtwitter ??? Y’all had so much time last week, running people off of Twitter, arguing for hours about residents vs attendings. WHERE ARE YOU??? What do you have to say? Why is #medtwitter silent???
This silence is deafening. This complicit behavior is what allows injustice to continue. This is what allows systematic racism and implicit bias to run rampant in our hospitals. #medtwitter you have a responsibility to your communities to speak up, to call out your colleagues.
And another thing, #medtwitter has gaslighted black folks on here many times as well as other BIPOC. This “allyship” when there is a world stage is telling.
There is never a huge conversation had about racial disparities in healthcare started by a blue check mark or those with giant followings until videos come out again displaying police brutality. We need the energy #medtwitter displays during petty fights for that conversation.
(And I mean the conversation initiated by nonBIPOC in this space)
#medtwitter citing lack of “experience,” and not knowing what to say. Do the work. Research. Take the time to educate yourself then inform your audience and your peers. Call out your racist colleagues and friends. Donate. Protest.
As adults in medicine it amazes me how one can go about seeking to care for diverse patient populations without actively seeking to understand & research social determinants of health & racial disparities beyond what is learned in required schooling/training.
Ignorance is bliss and ignorance is deadly.
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