Here's a really simple thing - what does your friends circle look like? Who do you meet regularly for coffee? Who do you speak to about serious issues? If the answer is that it's people that look only like you then can I ask why?
If you're not engaging with people that come from different backgrounds, on a deeper level, then it's easy to be ignorant or unaware of the injustices, prejudice and racism that so many communities face. Of course you can read books, watch documentaries and news reports.
However, you need to talk to the people and communities directly impacted by what is going on in the world. You need to LISTEN when they speak their truth, you need to humble yourself and accept if your understanding of something is misinformed or wrong.
It baffles me when communities that have faced discrimination can't see or understand the discrimination felt by other communities - but this is so prevalent. Please call out the people you know on the things they say, the behaviours they display. Call yourself out if you have to
Many of us are born into societies that work on the basis of racism, discrimination and hierarchies that work on something as simple as the colour of someone's skin. That doesn't mean we allow that to continue. It's on us to break that down.
It's on ALL of us to be more than allies. It's on all of us to ensure we fight for a world where everyone has the same chances at living a life free from the threat of death when doing something as simple as shopping.
When one community is being murdered so openly by those that claim to be the law, we all fail. When we don't hold them to account, we all fail.

Let me be really clear, I am speaking those not from the Black community. What are you doing to support the Black community?
You may never be stopped, you may never be in danger of being murdered, but it's bloody well your responsibility to ensure that safety for everyone. If you have that privilege of existing without fear, then it's even moreso your responsibility to ensure you hold people to account
My heart breaks for the Black community globally, these events are not only happening in America. Black communities are being murdered globally.

Here is a promise - I will listen, I will support, I will do what I can to help you.
Let me ask again -

What does your circle of friends & acquaintances look like?

What are you doing to call out racism in your own communities?

What are you doing with your privilege to exist without fear of being murdered by the police?

How much of an ally are you really?
Here’s another resource - 

I urge you to check in with your friends, colleagues and neighbours from Black communities. If you don’t have any then ask yourself why? Interogate the structures within which you live.
Here’s another brilliant thread. We have no excuses. Do something, one small thing to begin with, then build from that.
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