My local hospital tried to kill me yesterday & confirmed for the 10th time that they hate black people.

I was screaming in agony and the nurse came and took the “buzzer” you use to call a nurse, away. Because apparently I was pressing it too much.

I was in pain, I needed help.
This is the same hospital where a doctor came to my face to say they don’t know what sickle cell is and I have been the first black person they have experienced. They’ve mocked me (literally by a nurse), not taken my pain seriously and left me passed out on numerous occasions.
I live in deep Kent. This is the nearest hospital to me so If my pain is at a 10, I can’t afford to just “go to another hospital”, I won’t make it. So either way I’m screwed.
I’m so scared for my life.
The hospital is William Harvey Hospital. They’re under @EKHUFT
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