White #KKKBerners refusing to go home after numerous Black folks asked them 2 is so reminiscent of them coming into our neighborhoods to cop heroin & Crack. They create a police presence that doesn’t affect them & they leave their dirty as* stems & needles in our streets. They
turned our neighborhood into a prime target during Bush’s operation push off. Numerous friends of mine almost got their cars taken to the impound lot bc these fools come into our communities & don’t GAF about the consequences for those of us who live there. Their presence creates
Rivalries between dealers which in turn leads to violence in our neighborhoods. My cousin was shot bc he was a innocent bystander when one of those rivalries came to a head & sure enough it was a beef over who got a white customer who was circling the block. My cousin lost use of
his legs while that white customer got high and went home to the suburbs. Now they think they’re allies as they’re destroying Black owned Buisness & ignoring the pleas from numerous Black ppl telling them to go home. They scratch “Black Lives Matter” on walls as they spent the
last two months calling Black Civil Leaders “establishment sell outs,” and trying to take away our political power. They gentrify our communities & now they’re trying to destroy them after Black folks have asked them to go and let us protest George Floyd’s murder in peace. They
Are not our friends. What they’ve done is co opt our pain and they have put us in harm’s way. I saw a video today of James Brown’s show in Boston after Dr King was Murdered and he saved Boston that night. We always see the video of Robert Kennedy on the back of that truck but
James Brown was the leader Keisha Lance Bottoms is being. He brought Black folks together to mourn as a community. White #KKKBerners have no interest in protecting our spaces. They invade them time and time again, destroy them and leave. Then they give each other as* pats for
doing so. They are not our friends. I was part of the Dope game for a loooong time and I’ve seen this before. They don’t care. They come into our communities & we deal w/ the fallout as they go back to their white circles and brag about how “hard they are.” They get treatment &
they get the whole country up in arms about white kids being addicted to opiates while we get a police presence they caused, locked up, and death. They are not our allies. Please take care of us and our communities. Stay home. I love us. Never forget we matter ✊🏾❤️
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