Hello all. Monday is the third anniversary of the publication of WHY I'M NO LONGER TALKING TO WHITE PEOPLE ABOUT RACE. I was going to save saying some thing until then, as I'm on a social media hiatus, but urgent circumstances have drawn me back.
Because of the past week's horrible and tragic events, I've noticed a marked uptick in people recommending my book. I'm asking everyone who buys a copy to please match however much you bought it with a donation to the @MNFreedomFund
Better yet, borrow a copy from a friend/your local library and donate what you would have spent to @MNFreedomFund. This book financially transformed my life and I really don't like the idea of personally profiting every time a video of a black person's death goes viral.
I will be making a donation to @MNFreedomFund today and will do so again when I receive my royalty payment for this quarter.
If you're going to buy a copy, please order from your local independent bookshop (let's keep them going during this pandemic) and also donate to your local and national racial justice organisations, if you can spare the funds. Thanks everyone.
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