Police in Denver shooting nonlethal rounds at a protestor blocking traffic https://twitter.com/DoughertyKMGH/status/1266560264918491138?s=20
Chinese state media has picked up that video in particular. The propaganda outlets are weaponizing what is occurring in America to frighten Chinese of the west; this happens with every mass shooting too. Note this message in Chinese. https://twitter.com/XinhuaChinese/status/1266622516098826244?s=20
In the English edition of Xinhua, this is the image Chinese state media projects. It's a weaponized woke. Spokesman Zhao Lijian has previously targeted racism and segregation in the U.S. as a means to sow discord. https://twitter.com/XHNews/status/1266611576557068288?s=20
TikTok's role as a platform in the unrest is an angle to explore. No early platform is experiencing the social movement we are experiencing right now — not Baltimore, Ferguson, Obama 2008, or Occupy. These videos will surely be used in prosecutions. https://twitter.com/AfroPlexx/status/1266613336600309760/video/1
Structure fires and shooting ongoing in Chicago. https://twitter.com/david_schuman/status/1266631477082689536?s=20
It has been fascinating to watch techniques from Hongkongers reemerging as guides on social media: https://twitter.com/fIowerpotbot/status/1266618273468039168?s=20
The backdrop of fire in the interviews from Minneapolis is insane
A total absence of POTUS tonight as his country burns
America's conspirators are putting it all together for us to help us answer how Soros is funding the BLM protestors, the white supremacists, the militias, and the cartels ☝️
Radio silence from the National Security Council tonight. https://twitter.com/WHNSC/status/1239398218292748292?s=20
The memes truly never skip a beat https://twitter.com/theonenativity/status/1266649186600026112?s=20
Too funny https://twitter.com/bryanspearz/status/1266650124303757313?s=20
I'm going to stop curating for the night. I truly have no idea what just happened — young people in this country were angry, silenced, and tossed aside during this pandemic, and the entire movement they erupted — with equal parts anarchy — has played in fast forward.
I have no idea what will come next. I think it may be a rough weekend, followed by rough weeks. I sadly think there will be severe violence — both at the hands of our government and the institutions being picketed, and the opportunistic domestic terrorists lurking.
Having lived through the rapid turmoil of this pandemic, everything not only feels possible, but probable. It feels likely that the National Guard will be federalized, and that other branches of the Armed Forces will soon be patrolling the streets in major U.S. cities.
It feels like the nationwide protests will only be granted further reasons to continue in the streets, for the rogue police violence, and the domestic terror threats on the verge of striking. There is no one obvious goal — and that may mean this will be long, and difficult.
As the country wakes up in a few hours, they may experience more 'oh shit' moments, with the toilet paper and meat vanishing from grocery stores within hours, and money pulled out of the markets come Monday. This feels like another phase of this exhausting couple of months trek.
Over the last 2 weeks, the energy reappearing — and sadly the country's guard dropping — was palpable. A sense of normalcy was returning. I think today shattered that, and for good reason. After months of cultural void, we may now live through a cultural reckoning.
I don't agree with a lot of what I have shared in this thread. The burning buildings have gained attention, and the country is pushing down a path of no return — and maybe that was unfortunately necessary for an awakening of the systemic problems in this country.
I could very well be wrong, but at the root of much of what I have witnessed — the anarchy Governors are declaring — is a grand sense of hopelessness. Many of those in the streets are those whose jobs have been lost and will never return. They now see their lives the same way.
The pathetic avoidance of responsibility in D.C. of the economic calamity playing out is deserving of anger in the magnitude we are witnessing. Many of those smashing through windows, cast merely as greedy, are also those without a paycheck — can you blame some of them?
In early March, it became clear that the pandemic we were foreshadowing would soon transgress into an endemic forever problem, with life before becoming a distant memory. I think we may soon feel that sinking feeling in the social issues coming to the forefront. The virus is here
A horrific scene out of St. Louis last night. A FedEx truck that was stuck amidst a protest in traffic, with some looting ongoing, ran over someone and drug their body down the street. https://twitter.com/TeddyzWorld/status/1266639032366387200
They were killed on Highway 70. https://twitter.com/TeddyzWorld/status/1266641348893061129
The screams as the truck takes off and kills this individual are just horrific. https://twitter.com/tree32s/status/1266632920292302853
A different angle. https://twitter.com/freakymarko/status/1266662292470579200
From his sandstone fortress, POTUS threatens to sick dogs and open fire on protestors that would breach its barriers. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1266724553620930561
“Many Secret Service agents just waiting for the action.” These demonstrations many only grow more prominent alongside these cowardice tweets. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1266711223657205763
POTUS has also amplified conspiracy theories that what is happening is centralized and organized. It is not. The images we have seen are merely feeding off of each other, and reactions like his are stoking the flames. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1266724553620930561
Another long night ahead of us https://twitter.com/GeorgeSolis/status/1266847312904667136
Mayors and Governors are taking their turn before microphones again, like the speeches as the pandemic settled in. And those words are even more meaningless today. https://twitter.com/MayorOfLA/status/1266862801768726528
Curfews are raining down upon America's largest cities tonight https://twitter.com/PhillyPolice/status/1266860862154985479?s=20
There is ironically an "I told you so" moment here from the Liberate protestors, as mayors and governors have grown more comfortable with implementing draconian measures. https://twitter.com/CityofAtlanta/status/1266852451375886336?s=20
Minneapolis is closing highways left and right to create gridlock in the city. https://twitter.com/DeRushaJ/status/1266861111170793474?s=20
Beverly Hills might be the flashpoint in LA tonight https://twitter.com/andrew_sotoo/status/1266865117544640513?s=20
Luxury stores are preparing for another tough night: https://twitter.com/generationzizi/status/1266843780226809856?s=20
LAPD attempted to divert protestors as they moved west toward Beverly Hills, but the protestors made it through https://twitter.com/ka5sh/status/1266846701903470593?s=20
More violent counter protests tonight. https://twitter.com/DavidBegnaud/status/1266898359677325312
National Guard en route in D.C. https://twitter.com/ZekeHartnerWTOP/status/1266894914647883776
Another video of National Guard troops in D.C. https://twitter.com/JasminRamsey/status/1266895883876151296
It’s going to be another long night https://twitter.com/aletweetsnews/status/1266883920013987840
A statue of Edward Carmack falling in Nashville https://twitter.com/Melanated_Gold/status/1266886353884786688
The Nashville courthouse is on fire: https://twitter.com/natalie_allison/status/1266902631986970627
In Nashville, a woman pleading for the destruction to stop https://twitter.com/natalie_allison/status/1266907141543268353
Philadelphia a few hours ago https://twitter.com/bparkcritcare/status/1266853396126011392
The Dark Knight Rises https://twitter.com/Ichibanjohnjon/status/1266897300573638656
There were a number of fires near City Hall https://twitter.com/IntelDoge/status/1266860809264738307
The day did start peaceful in many cities https://twitter.com/manuelsmith/status/1266763291176636416
The amount of looting tonight is unbelievable. Businesses across the nation are being wiped out in rapid succession. https://twitter.com/PhillyInquirer/status/1266898641006067714
The Snap Maps clips from Chicago tonight are insane. All scanner traffic is reporting looting. https://twitter.com/lookner/status/1266913939239157760
Cities are tapping into EAS to rapidly rollout curfews tonight. Chaos.
Fires erupting in Los Angeles: https://twitter.com/Jeff_Paul/status/1266915595762536448
Looting ongoing in LA: https://twitter.com/dakotacdsmith/status/1266907735171317760
The protests and clashes are creating their own depictions of police brutality. An account from Philadelphia: https://twitter.com/UR_Ninja/status/1266913490301792257
A story from the boiling over in Philadelphia: https://twitter.com/prismxp/status/1266859655558463489
National Guard being requested in LA https://twitter.com/BillFOXLA/status/1266922798695342082
Numerous police cars on fire across New York: https://twitter.com/NBCproducer/status/1266926149797588992
Police car fire near Union Square https://twitter.com/zenwitchcraft/status/1266917737764466694
Another hit and run targeted at protestors: https://twitter.com/GilbertABC30/status/1266903948952133632
Texas National Guard activated https://twitter.com/CBSDFW/status/1266914571446636554
There have been a number of instances like this of media targetted by law enforcement. Numerous cities. https://twitter.com/AliVelshi/status/1266911534963478532
In New York, a Huffington Post reporter was arrested https://twitter.com/PLBarghouty/status/1266922618122354690
A bystander in Dallas was shot in the face by law enforcement https://twitter.com/KevinRKrause/status/1266898396339675137
A reporter shot at with riot munitions, beaten, and arrested in Minneapolis https://twitter.com/cjzero/status/1266921035800199170
A police officer in Philadelphia was run over and seriously injured today https://twitter.com/Tom_Winter/status/1266930848848326658
A journalist robbed by looters in Chicago https://twitter.com/erinhooley/status/1266928544132796417
Military Police officially deployed domestically https://twitter.com/DavidBegnaud/status/1266923469696118785
Trees on fire near the White House https://twitter.com/KCTomDempsey/status/1266918098151579650
Car fire blocks away from White House https://twitter.com/finnygo/status/1266932445963837441
Fargo: https://twitter.com/BaileyHurleyVNL/status/1266924500521832455
Minneapolis police now targeting residential neighborhoods: https://twitter.com/tkerssen/status/1266921821653385225
Organizer as clashes grow more aggressive tonight: “If you are not prepared to die for this cause, go the fuck home.” https://twitter.com/ByLizSawyer/status/1266936219180707841
Rochester, NY: https://twitter.com/gabbyinthedark/status/1266870414715883527
Buffalo https://twitter.com/JesseKucewicz/status/1266877849845276672
Some car fires in Buffalo: https://twitter.com/StephenMarth/status/1266934742961790978
Little Rock protestors took I-630 earlier tonight. A meaningful symbol for the city. https://twitter.com/KATVErin/status/1266908236147539968
Protestors now vandalizing public buildings in Little Rock, with riot munitions flying https://twitter.com/wtyandell/status/1266939876252975105
Miami police breaking up looting and protests: https://twitter.com/harrisalexc/status/1266939955328229377
Large fire on Melrose in LA https://twitter.com/NBCLA/status/1266945502580404224
Beverly Hills today https://twitter.com/gineycat/status/1266946378044825601
The front yard of a home in Beverly Hills. Police and fire have been locking down this area. https://twitter.com/BillFOXLA/status/1266943198586269696
Rock solid windows in Grand Rapids: https://twitter.com/WxBrenn/status/1266920094967508993
On the other side of that destruction: https://twitter.com/frickmel/status/1266946951058243585
The story was different tonight in Flint, Michigan https://twitter.com/ALT_uscis/status/1266916437400190976
Scaffolding fire at the Hay-Adams Hotel in D.C. https://twitter.com/TheBrooklynView/status/1266943718394867713
That hotel was previously vandalized tonight https://twitter.com/stevennelson10/status/1266943641282662400
Unidentified explosion in D.C. https://twitter.com/hunterw/status/1266949249260040193
The federal government assembling the narrative: https://twitter.com/HomelandKen/status/1266947099071053824
Police have been more aggressive tonight in arrests. Hard to say whether this will make a dent, or if the sights of looting and clashes will bring more to the streets. https://twitter.com/AP/status/1266929541076959233
More than 10,000 soldiers will soon be patrolling the streets of Minneapolis, taunting the city in a show of force. https://twitter.com/MNNationalGuard/status/1266920794023747584
A shocking show of military force in peacetime. https://twitter.com/johnlesch/status/1266927365881462784
“Soldiers are not trained for this.” https://twitter.com/Murphysically/status/1266930687480913921
Another journalist arrested: https://twitter.com/keithboykin/status/1266933018570219520?s=20
Police are shooting at cars in Minneapolis. One journalist was caught in the crossfire and had his windows shattered. https://twitter.com/maggiekb1/status/1266961232218730496?s=20
A separate incident with police shooting riot munitions at homes: https://twitter.com/maggiekb1/status/1266958038793162753?s=20
Residents of Minneapolis have lost nearly all faith in law enforcement. They are now desperately constructing barricades to direct protests away from neighborhoods. https://twitter.com/ByLizSawyer/status/1266954385201999874?s=20
Oakland has a much more aggressive police presence tonight. https://twitter.com/adamevers/status/1266965072712261633?s=20
Some reports describe a 1 to 1 ratio of law enforcement to protestors https://twitter.com/SarahBelleLin/status/1266964338918580226?s=20
The state of police militarization is becoming ever clear during this movement. https://twitter.com/shane_bauer/status/1266952592917008385?s=20
A photojournalist in Minneapolis lost an eye to a rubber bullet yesterday. https://twitter.com/KillerMartinis/status/1266786161143537669?s=20
An LA Times reporter shot with nonlethal rounds after identifying themselves as press. I've lost count. https://twitter.com/mollyhf/status/1266962492485500929?s=20
Those that lived through Hong Kong's protests are trying to share knowledge to help keep the U.S. press safe during these times. https://twitter.com/jgriffiths/status/1266936237459308544?s=20
A number of tactics from Hong Kong are now being utilized in the U.S. https://twitter.com/Marissa_Jae/status/1266903926332366848?s=20
This is one that screams Hong Kong https://twitter.com/evadou/status/1266908191553736704?s=20
Learning from the best: https://twitter.com/badiucao/status/1266961127453241345?s=20
There is a real anger towards press from law enforcement. With no repercussions, we may see many more attacks like those we have seen over the last 24 hours https://twitter.com/UR_Ninja/status/1266941354522763266?s=20
Some of the aftermath of the unrest in Tampa: https://twitter.com/HCSOSheriff/status/1266971468816166914?s=20
Earlier in the day, the city held a strong, peaceful protest. https://twitter.com/TinaZapata5/status/1266963678575853568?s=20
And then the Champs went up in flames
University Mall was the flash point for Tampa's unrest https://twitter.com/ByJoshFiallo/status/1266924396024934401?s=20
If the statements from protesters are true, an armored vehicle was hijacked https://twitter.com/oneenuk/status/1266962565269250051?s=20
Bakersfield tonight, where police declared an unlawful assembly https://twitter.com/TheThirdGraf/status/1266949602210574337?s=20
This is quite a picture https://twitter.com/TheThirdGraf/status/1266946895198339072?s=20
"I’ve covered protests involving police. I’ve also covered the U.S. military in war zones, including Iraq and Afghanistan. I have never been fired at by police until tonight." @mollyhf
A medic station in Louisville: https://twitter.com/nataliealund/status/1266877181164089349?s=20
A few hours ago in Brooklyn. The less visible side of these protests. The stories like this are why I do not broadly use the term 'riots.' https://twitter.com/AndrewSolender/status/1266924387795709954?s=20
What 10,000 troops deployed to an American city looks like: https://twitter.com/JBBauer612/status/1266963628332376065?s=20
An important question to ask is: who is paying for these shows of force? The state budgets are already over extended, and the prospect of a V-shape recovery is becoming more bleak each day. If this unrest continues for weeks and months, these states will bankrupt more quickly.
Another city on fire tonight. I've lost count. https://twitter.com/NialaCharles/status/1266978667520880640?s=20
That's a big fire. https://twitter.com/roaminash/status/1266980993988096006?s=20
Dual structure fire. https://twitter.com/SDUTdyer/status/1266980656128520192?s=20
A fire truck burning https://twitter.com/MarcellaNews8/status/1266980670980542465?s=20
The protestor carnage we are seeing across the country from 'nonlethal' rounds is horrific. In La Mesa, a woman shot between the eyes. A number of eyewitness accounts say the show of force was unprovoked. https://twitter.com/bballdorito23/status/1266973751633219584?s=20
A video of this wounded woman lying on the street is even more graphic and upsetting. Her current condition is unclear. https://twitter.com/emmavazquezz/status/1266957219402321920?s=20
Looting ongoing in Scottsdale https://twitter.com/RandyArzaga/status/1266973337730727937?s=20
There unfortunately have been a number of instances like Scottsdale where there are few signs of protests at all. Some cities have just entered a period of unrest and looting. https://twitter.com/KimPowellTV/status/1266973026102304769?s=20
A dealership in Scottsdale being targeted https://twitter.com/clips_tea/status/1266982679829901313?s=20
Following his comments about sicking the dogs on protestors that breach White House perimeters, POTUS keeps to the rhetoric and releases the National Guard upon a community. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1266914470066036736?s=20
This is the last tweet from Pelosi. Where is Congress when the National Guard is patrolling American cities, and the White House is on the verge of federalizing troops? https://twitter.com/SpeakerPelosi/status/1266542871429120001?s=20
A core component of how we have arrived here is the overwhelming feeling that this country is rudderless — that the curtains fell and nothing was behind them. Economic suffering, simply ignored. It's not just POTUS fanning these flames: it's inaction and a void of leadership.
CCP: "The US is resorting to double standards to secure its global hegemony, but it undermines other countries' security... Racist prejudice, unprotected basic rights of life and soaring unemployment will further split American society" https://www.globaltimes.cn/content/1189966.shtml
The Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman leaning into these unfolding events: https://twitter.com/SpokespersonCHN/status/1266741986096107520?s=20
We've seen this tactic a few times in recent months. China isn't that successful at intervening in the infowar, given the deep distrust of their new media properties, so the country often turns to amplifying sources like RT. https://twitter.com/SpokespersonCHN/status/1266746275619237889?s=20
The weirdest faction yet of this movement is the Anonymous reboot https://twitter.com/jeonsflirty/status/1266988481391157249?s=20
And the Gen Z fandom https://twitter.com/artdecoksj/status/1266991524719583232?s=20
Anonymous fan cam https://twitter.com/MewMinni/status/1266991274197950464?s=20
Alongside that reboot, the Minneapolis Police Department suffered a DDOS attack, it would appear. https://twitter.com/elijahdaniel/status/1266977554503622656?s=20
A lot has changed since those Occupy days. Unsurprisingly, the website is back up under the Cloudflare umbrella.
Another journalist attacked by police. This is unacceptable. https://twitter.com/MichaelAdams317/status/1266945268567678976
Police car on fire in Las Vegas: https://twitter.com/riolacanlale/status/1266990180054917120
Ford is going to have a great quarter for Interceptor sales https://twitter.com/jen_solid/status/1266983199298576385
A photojournalist was arrested in Las Vegas yesterday. These are the photos the Las Vegas Police Department didn’t want you to see. https://twitter.com/bridgetkbennett/status/1266888183901376512
Two, actually. Here is a video of the arrest of a different photojournalist in Las Vegas https://twitter.com/pfal/status/1266754574427107329
Reno https://twitter.com/luciastarbuck/status/1266916227961651200
Federal Courthouse in Las Vegas https://twitter.com/christnemaddela/status/1266987884919193601
The same scene appearing in every city https://twitter.com/KristenClarkeJD/status/1266957271566823424
Protests were strong tonight, but they dispersed earlier than yesterday. I can’t say I can tell you what tomorrow will look like https://twitter.com/danielrothberg/status/1266960885085396993
The protests today showed a deeper volatility. Police were more offensive and aggressive, and peaceful evolved into something else more quickly. That led to scenarios like this — of children and the public caught in the crossfire. An awful video. https://twitter.com/damnitsanthony/status/1266947533953044480
These demonstrations are incredibly complex, with many actors, causes, and ignitions, but at the center are stories like these. In the chaos and the clashes, I hope the storytellers don’t lose sight of this — and don’t let the anarachy and looting overshadow the quieter majority. https://twitter.com/tisminezky/status/1266920309426282496
POTUS going after the right-wing’s favorite target, blaming this unrest on a conspiracy theory that a coordinated group is attacking the country. It is not. There is no one group. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1267129644228247552
Because a centralized ‘Antifa’ does not actually exist, a declaration like this could be used to attack the rights of activists and protestors more broadly. https://twitter.com/AndrewSolender/status/1267135878499106818
POTUS tweeted his support for QAnon?
POTUS pouring gas on this fire. More violent vigilantism ahead. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1267187902192193538
Scenes reminiscent of the LA Riots playing out again. https://twitter.com/WCCO/status/1267226856589348866
“Secret Service agents abruptly rushed the president to the underground bunker used in the past during terrorist attacks.”
“After not going to sleep until the early hours of Friday morning, President Trump woke to a string of conversations with advisers who told him he had a problem.”
“People close to the president, including several senior White House officials, have privately expressed concerns that his incendiary response to the Minneapolis riots will hurt him with two groups that could remove him from office in November: independents and suburban women.”
“[One] who typically likes it when Trump takes tough law-and-order positions, described the tweet as ‘stupid.’ The official described Trump's ultimate cleanup, in which the president claimed he wasn't suggesting that law enforcement should shoot rioters, as ‘pretty creative.’”
Senior White House official: “You're definitely going to see [Trump’s] law and order, tough guy rhetoric amp up in the coming days.”
POTUS will be spending another night in the bunker https://twitter.com/ShawnMcCreesh/status/1267281049832304640
Clashes with law enforcement are escalating very quickly near the White House. A great livestream here:
D.C. tonight
Another protestor maimed https://twitter.com/greg_doucette/status/1267201852216573952?s=20
The sheer volume of police brutality captured over the last few days is unbelievable. No one is spared. https://twitter.com/greg_doucette/status/1267204196614524929?s=20
A journalist in LA, shot in the throat. Law enforcement silencing him, literally. https://twitter.com/AGuzmanLopez/status/1267269781805137920?s=20
A lot of arrests tonight https://twitter.com/MrDBake/status/1267308230369136640?s=20
There are few comparisons for the breadth of unrest occurring across the country
"Some of the president’s aides have been encouraging him for days to invoke the act, as he weighs options for exercising executive powers to address the crisis. The act was last invoked during the 1992 Rodney King riots in Los Angeles."
POTUS has threatened to invoke the Insurrection Act, but has not yet — and there are questions about whether he can at all. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1267609190140436481?s=20
But, a number of assets under federal control — or all — have poured into the streets tonight. https://twitter.com/ryanjreilly/status/1267613650761678848?s=20
The sheer occupation of D.C. is unique https://twitter.com/nationalparke/status/1267663444444135429?s=20
It's hard to believe that this is occurring in America https://twitter.com/arjunsethi81/status/1267646907263913985?s=20
In projecting this new image of law & order, AG Barr appeared on the pavement of his fortress today https://twitter.com/ebonybowden/status/1267624688139763714?s=20
Crushing civil liberties for the 'gram https://twitter.com/Rachel_Sadon/status/1267623775778070532?s=20
Earlier today, we saw LE taking aggressive dispersement action to clear way for a POTUS photo op. Tonight we saw a far more aggressive show of power — performing dangerous maneuvers over protestors, using combat tactics on Americans expressing their rights https://twitter.com/KannoYoungs/status/1267638120389980173?s=20
Over Chinatown, D.C. https://twitter.com/Dacheslow/status/1267638389421072384?s=20
This was once reserved for combat, and such hover maneuvers would be illegal for civilian aircraft. https://twitter.com/KannoYoungs/status/1267637911865999362?s=20
The NYPD did a similar maneuver on Saturday. Under FAA regulations, flying this low in a populated area should have been illegal. https://twitter.com/vinbarone/status/1266846504049872906?s=20
In Philadelphia, the State Police rained tear gas from the sky https://twitter.com/KYWNewsradio/status/1267568347828420608?s=20
What was a peaceful protest was quickly agitated by law enforcement, resulting in this scene. https://twitter.com/bbcease/status/1267582823428501508?s=20
People on the ground at this Philadelphia protest described a stampede as they ran from tear gas and crawled up an embankment while being fired upon with riot munitions. This is the helicopter angle:
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